A Long Walk (1820)2020
Virtual Reality, Interactive Design, 
3D animation, 3D modeling
During Covid, countless individuals were forced to be separated from one another. I, being around 6,860 miles from my family and my dear friends evacuating to their respected destinations, suddenly had time to be alone and reflect. I reflected on everything, from my future plans to my deepest lonliest insecurities. After an elongated amount of time to myself, I realized that I cannot overcome this state alone. I needed someone to talk to, someone to be with.

All assets were personally created and configured using Tiltbrush and Unity.
Try the world here below!

[currently down because I want to add new features + making it Quest compatible, but will be back up soon!]

I have created a 4-part journey intended for one to explore alone. The journey consists of caves and tunnels, with hidden dialogs and recordings around the topic of grief. At the end of the dark path lies a large area of swinging lampposts inspired by Prendre la Parole by Christian Boltanski, with a long bridge waiting for the user to cross.

sequences + initial sketches [final journey below]
Area 1+2
Area 3
Area 4
After the one-person journey, there is another portal that will guide the user to another world where everyone will meet and will be able to be together once again. My world(s) are published on VRChat for everyone to freely access.
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