Recollection of the Self

3D modeling, 3D animation, AR, community
Recollection of the Self is a project where I am created by the work of others around the world. 

Living in many different parts of the world, I have thankfully gained a diverse group of friends, but due to having only one copy of myself, we would all be scattered apart. It is the people around me who made me who I am today, and while finding a way to visualize this idea, it was only natural to start deconstructing myself. Both metaphorically and physically.
My portrait UV unwrapped and scattered into artifacts to distribute to my close ones
Deconstructed, Distributed with close ones, Recollected, then Reconstructed
Rewrapped to represent myself created by my close ones
The reconstructed true portrait was then transformed into an AR face filter so anyone can be like me. But why would you do that when being yourself is the best feeling in the world. 
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