Toto photoshoot2024
3D modeling, 3D animation, 2D animation, 
2D digital illustration, fan art!

After several busy years and failed timings, I have finally reached my goal: Adopting a doll from Jonny Knits.

When Toto reached my footsteps (after a whole chaotic shipping fiasco), I immediately fell in love. From the textile to the cute little stubs for feet, I couldn’t get enough of them.

So I decided to forever preserve them digitally

[Though the physical doll is by the very talented Jonny, everything in this project was made from scratch without the use of external resources, plug-ins, or scans]
[All videos include personalized audio]
2D Animation (Procreate)
3D Animation (Blender + After Effects)
Cute sticker set for Toto (name on name tag is Jonny’s handwriting)
3D stills
To animation
click to look closer
[Toto is currently getting cozy with my other small dolls on my dresser]
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