Writing (Scroll)
나무에다 돌을 던졌다
나도 모르게
정신을 차렸을 때
이미 몸의 일부가 뜯겨
나를 무심코 바라보는
나무를 마주서고 있었다
너무 어색하다
저지르고 나니 괜히 부끄럽다

사과 해야하나? 나무는 감정이 없잖아

그냥 돌아서 모른척하면 잊혀질테지만
그럼 다음에도

돌이 보이면?

사과하기로 했다
뻘쭘한지 더 더운것 같기도
땀이 얼굴에서 떠나
나무의 발을 촉촉해질때까지
다시 또 다시 망설였다
돌을 다시 주워 스다듬으면서
우물쭈물 거리다
하고 싶었던 말이 새어나와
그를 닫게 되자
침묵하던 잎들은 춤을 춰
안에서만 흘러가던 시간이
통제가 풀려 언덕 전체에
한없이 분출되었다
안도의 한숨을 쉴려던 찰라
위를 보니
나무는 미동이 없었다

감정도 없는데 그렇지…
그래도 괜찮은지

걱정되어 숨소리라도 확인하러
가까이 다가가
같이 있었다




There’s a cherry blossom tree next to us
In residential Brooklyn
I doubted myself at first, but it’s too unique
Not just the vivid mixture of pink and white, but 
The immediate scene of peace the blossom provides
To anyone and everyone unconditionally

桜 (さくら)

In Japan, さくら(sakura) symbolizes 
Beauty and Violence,
Time of renewal,
Tenderness and Love,
物の哀れ. mono no aware,

But I’ve always known sakura, or 벚꽃 (budt-kkot), to mean

The beauty of life

벚꽃나무 (budt-kkot-namu)

I remember clinging to my father’s arm
While my sister ran as fast as her feet could take her
Embracing the freedom briefly given to all of us
My mother’s camera clicks, 
her expression blending in
Petals snowing, temporarily filling gaps between us

I remember walking across a path
Giant 벚꽃 trees empowering us
Surrounded by parking lots and apartment buildings
Their flowers patted my long hair
Ensuring me that next week would be alright

I remember brushing my teeth
with 17 other new trainees
blankly staring out past the barred window
at the 벚꽃 two mountains away
staring back

I remember walking out of the gym
Taking off my cap and scratching my buzz cut 
in frustration
Unsure if my time here will ever end
But in the blend of natural and artificial green,
One singular 벚꽃나무 
Slightly waved back to me

Back on the other side,
cherry blossoms are mainly known for their beauty
And since my recent memories only resurface
Through a screen or paper
I've slowly started to drift further away and trap myself
Boiling in this melting pot

But it’s funny, how
In residential Brooklyn
There’s a 벚꽃 next to us

When I heard 벚꽃 (budt-kkot), I would always assume 벗 (budt), which has the same pronunciation but means friend, so I would consider any 벚꽃나무 as my friend

Always watching over me

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